We have all either been through it or know of someone who has had to undergo dental surgery from tooth extractions or wisdom tooth removal to dental implants and similar dental procedures.  For example, up to 85% of people will have wisdom teeth extractions in their lifetime, and recovery times, as well as severity, will vary from person to person. Factors like a person’s age and the positioning of their wisdom teeth play a part, it can take up to 2 weeks to fully heal and can leave patients facing multiple complications like dry socket.  

Saugeen Shores Family Dentistry is excited to announce that we are now offering Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment (PRF) at our clinic as an option to help combat these complications and long recovery times.  PRF is a new procedure centred around tissue regeneration that promotes faster healing in dental and oral surgery.

What exactly is PRF?

Platelet Rich Fibrin, better known as PRF is the process of centrifugation of a patient’s own blood, allowing our surgeons to transplant your ‘stem cells’ into the empty socket after the tooth is removed.  A nurse will draw blood prior to the procedure and spin it in a centrifuge to draw the stem cells out. The use of PRF has many beneficial outcomes such as reducing bleeding and enhances soft tissue healing.  Studies have shown amazing results in PRF for dental and oral surgical procedures.

What makes this procedure so ideal for Dental surgeries?  

Oral surgeries are unique in that they expose the patient’s jaw bone, and bone has very little natural blood supply, unlike other areas of the body.  When there is less blood supply there is also less ability to fight infection and to heal quickly. The Platelet Rich Fibrin layer that is extracted during centrifugation is rich in fibrin, platelets white blood cells and bone growth factors, helping compensate for that lack of natural blood supply.

Some of the benefits of PRF are:

•    Less Pain after dental surgeries

•    Decreased Swelling

•    Faster healing process for implants and wisdom tooth removal

•    Improved strength of bone integration to dental implants

•    Decreased chance of dry socket after tooth extractions

This procedure is ideal for all patients who will be undergoing dental surgery.  All of our extremely knowledgeable staff are here and happy to discuss how PRF will benefit you and answer any questions you may have.