Periodontal Surgery - Post Operative Instructions


Periodontal Dressing:

The procedure you have undergone is a surgical one. A periodontal dressing is now in your mouth to protect the treated area and promote healing. This dressing will take approximately ½ hour to harden, during which time you should not eat or drink.

The dressing may not remain in place until your post operative appointment, do not be alarmed if the dressing becomes loose or pieces break off during the course of the healing period.

First 24 Hours:

Do not rinse or take hot foods or fluids for 24 hours

During the first 24 hours drink and eat only cold/soft or cool/soft food and beverages

Avoid alcohol

After 24 hours you may rinse with warm salt water or an alcohol-free mouthwash

After 24 hours you may begin brushing and flossing your teeth as usual, BUT DO NOT BRUSH OR FLOSS THE OPERATED AREA OF THE MOUTH

After 24 hours have passed eat a semi-soft diet of fruit juice, yogurt, eggs, fish, ground meat, stew, cooked vegetables, pasta, soup, etc.

As a general rule avoid foods which are hard, sharp, spicy or contain small seeds


Occasional blood stains in the saliva for the first four or five hours are not unusual. If there is considerable bleeding beyond this point, fold a piece of gauze and apply it to the outside of the dressing, in the area of bleeding. Hold the gauze firmly in place for 15 minutes; do not remover the gauze during this period.

Repeat if necessary. If bleeding persists, contact the office.

Do not exercise of exert yourself. Take it easy. Activities which increase cardiovascular activity can increase chances of bleeding. Do not engage in contact sports until you have returned to this office to have the packing and sutures removed.


Continue to take 600mg to 800mg of ibuprofen or Advil every 6 to 8 hours. It is wise to eat before taking this medication.

Acetaminophen or Tylenol can be used in between in combination with the ibuprofen/Advil. Please speak with our office regarding the proper dosage.

Pain management is more effective if you take the medications before you are feeling discomfort.

Fill the prescription for an antimicrobial mouth rise and use as directed.


Swelling and bruising are not uncommon following a surgical procedure and need not cause alarm

To reduce or relieve swelling apply ice bag or towel saturated in ice water against the cheek, 10 minutes on and 10minutes off. This can be repeated every ½ hour

Only apply ice for the first 24 hours, following this period of time ice will not help with swelling or bruising

Do not leave the ice on the cheek for a long period of time because it could actually bring swelling to the area.

If there is excessive bleeding, swelling, severe pain or any other problems,
Please do not hesitate to contact the office.

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